Friday, 19 September 2008

In the starting blocks

                   Franky Das and Claudia Czurda´s original 100 € origami donation

First private donations are starting to flow into the association´s account.
We cannot stress enough the importance of the moral or financial support and the trust given to our association by private persons and friends at a time when the association disposes of a bank account but not yet of donations from companies.

Without the many friends and supporters "de la première heure", the first steps of the project could not have been carried out. Their donations contributed to finance the choreographer´s trip to Bucharest, the participation of the Romanian assistants at the Vienna workshop and are covering other already running expenses for the first stage of the project. 

We deeply appreciate all the generous contributions we have already received. A regular look at this blog will convince the donors that we are making the best use of their money.